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Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games you can put your money on, since it came up to the spotlight fir the first time in the 19th century. It doesn’t have the popularity other games have (e.g. blackjack or roulette), but it still has its fair share. There are two things you should firstly know for Baccarat. Number one, that it mostly is a game of luck and number two, that it is one of the fairest games in casino, since it has the lowest house edge from any other casino classic game. With those things being said, let’s see some things on how to play Baccarat.

The first steps in Baccarat

The aim in this game is to reach the maximum sum you can in a hand, with this maximum total having a value of 9. You can bet on three different choices, on The Player, on The Banker and on Tie. All the 52 cards are playable, but the face cards count as 0.

1) Learn the numbers and the odds

In case you decided to put your money on the player, you will have your money doubled (2.00). In case you have chosen to back up the banker, you will get odds of 19:20 or 1.95, since there is a 5% commission towards the casino. When you put your money on tie, you will get a huge 8:1 (9.00) or 9:1 (10.00), depending on the casino. As you may understand, the outcome of the tie is not something that will occur often…

You should bear in mind that the player’s hand will win 44.62% of the time and the banker’s hand will lose 45.85% of the time. Even with the 5% commission, the house edge on The Banker bets is just 1.17% and 1.36 on player bets!

2) Keep score in order to be more efficient

The online casinos provide a sheet showing the latest wins, so it is a little bit easy to track the wins and the losses for the Banker and the Player. Of course you should still remember that the banker will be the one to win a few times more than the ones the Player will. See the trends, use them in your own way, but always remember that Baccarat is a game where the bettor will mostly rely on chance.

3) Master counting cards in Baccarat

The reason you should master the card counting, is to understand when it will be more favorable for you to bet on the player. The difference of the winnings between the Player and the Banker are little as hell, but if you remember the cards that have already been dealt from the dealer, it will make it easier for you to decide where should your next beet will be on. In order to be able to count cards correctly in a Baccarat game, you should choose to play on a game which has a six-deck or an eight-deck shoe.

4) What NOT to do, if you want to raise up your chances

  • First of all, do not start playing if you are not fully familiar with the rules of Baccarat, although you will mostly rely on the lady luck.
  • Mind your bankroll and master the management of your budget, since even the minimum bet in Bacarrat is higher than in any other game.
  • Don’t keep on betting on tie, waiting for the huge odds. This will occur only in a low percentage of 14% of a long time playing, so do not throw your money away without a reason.
  • Leave while you are on a winning streak, since it will be easier to lose it all when the streak will not be that good, or you may even lose all your money on just a bet, if you are not really cautious.
  • Do not prefer random generated numbers Baccarat games over live casino Baccarat game, since in the process you will realize that is fairer. Also, test your luck and skills on the demo version of the game in order to master it without losing money.


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