Blackjack basic strategy

Blackjack is, without any doubt, one of the most popular casino games, not only because of the adrenaline rush that is causes to the players and its fan characteristics, but also because it is a strategy game and it is up to you to beat the dealer. After all, it is the game with the lowest house edge. By the way, magic and most important phrase here, write it down, only to remember it always. Your goal is not to reach the closest the possible to 21, but beating the dealer. Let’s see some basic strategies which are going to lead you in winning most of the times. After all, apart from your strategy, luck is always a factor.

Start from the basics

For starters, Black Jack is a card game and as we foretold, your aim is to beat the dealer, by having a sum of up to 21, or the great Blackjack (Ace plus 10, or Ace plus a face card). By that being told, you should be very careful at your choices, so you don’t bust, or you will not have less the dealer’s sum. The rules and its strategy are extremely simple and you should just have to pay attention. Regarding the value of the cards, from 2 to 10 the value is… what you may see. The face cards have a value of 10 and the Ace may be used as 1 or 11.

In addition, you should be very careful regarding the Blackjack variation you will choose to bet on, since each one has slightly different rules than the other, so some of the above mentioned, or other rules (like the Blackjack payout) may not apply. But for now, we will just deal with the classic Blackjack. A great way to learn the rules and the strategies, is to play the game for free, when you have the chance.

Strategies- rules

Split: Let’s begin with an option that may feel like a quiz to you. In this rule, you can separate your first two cards which should be of the same value. Two 6s for instance. You bet the same amount as well on both cards, while you will get a second one now at each one and you will play two different hands. Now, when should you split your cards and when not? You can separate your cards when you have two Aces, two 8s, but never when you have two 5s, two face cards or 10s. In every other occasion, it depends on the value of the open card the dealer has. In case he has an open 6, even if you have two 3s for example, you may proceed to the split. But when he has an open 10, or a 9, nop, don’t do it.

Double Down: Note that in this occasion you double your bet, but you are entitled to one more card! That’s it. If your card is not that good, then your whole hand and your whole play may be a disaster. So, you will have to be extra cautious. If you have been wondering when you should double down. Ιt is appropriate to do so when your first two cards have a sum of 9, 10 or 11. But again, everything depends on the open card of the dealer. If he holds a 9 or a 10, you should not double down your bet.

You can also proceed to double down in case you have a soft 13 up to 18 (Ace + plus 2 up to 7), but again that depends on the dealer’s open card. Proceed to a double down in case you have a sum of 11, if the open card of the dealer is an ace (of course that means that it will not be a blackjack for the dealer, if he has one, the hand is over).

Hit or Stand

Hit or Stand: Another thing that causes a trouble to most of the bettors. Always hit when you have a hard 11 or a smaller sum of cards, or if you have a soft 17 or less. You should always stand when you have 12 and the dealer has an open card from 4 up to 6. When you have a hard 13 up to 16 and the dealer has an open card valued from 2 up to 6 you should stand. Οr when you have a hard 17 or bigger, in case you have a soft 18, 19 or bigger. Do not forget to use the surrender rule when you have a total of hard 15 or 16. Αnd another thing that you should always remember is that you should never use the insurance feature, no matter what, since it makes the house edge bigger.


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