KENO basic strategy

KENO is one of the most popular casino games, with millions of fans over the world, since it is an exciting and fascinating game, with lots of twists around the corner. And especially since the time it has entered the Online casino industry, has become an even bigger success. Regarding winning in this game, most people think that Keno is all about luck and numbers, that nothing else matters in this game, but they are wrong. The power of observation, for instance, could be extremely useful in your quest to grab some serious winnings.

First of all, you should master the basic strategy of this game, before you can demand anything else in the process. Apart from enhancing your observation, follow out tips and out advices, in order to pick the winning numbers the proper way, while it is also very important the way you will manage your bankroll for the game.

Choose the best possible casino offer

It is more for sure that the more funds you have, the more the possibilities to end with a great combination which will bring you a good profit are. The antagonism between the online casinos can only be helpful for the players. So, grab the best possible casino welcome bonus, double yir funds and good things may happen.

Play the demo version

It is very important to first observe the sequence of the numbers that occur and even write them down. But before do so with your real money, proceed in the same method on the demo version. Test the best possible combination regarding the amount of numbers you will choose, check out when is the best time to raise or decrease your bet and apply this knowledge to your real money play. Remember that is your only chance to learn the Keno game, without losing or winning, a real top-notch training.

Multi Race

Let’s get something straight. No matter what you do, you will still need to have luck. After all we are talking about a Random Generator Number game. But in case you have a good hunch to follow, or you have managed, through your observation, to come up with a combination of numbers that may give you the possibility to win big, go for it multiple times. Choose the Multi-Race feature, the number of games and let it roll!

The minimum possible amount of numbers

It is about to talk maths. In KENO you are able to choose from 1 up to 20 numbers. The more numbers you choose the more you reduce your possibilities to win. Should you choose to bet on 20 numbers, the possibility to come up with a win is 1 to 3,535,316,142,212,174,336. Find the balance between the right amount of numbers and the right winning odds.

Be careful on the money you spend

Always remember to stay calm. There is no reason to rush and do not let yourself get in a witch-hunt by betting huge amount of money. Always remember that the casino has a house edge reaching 15% tops, so of course, have fun as much as you want, but never splash the cash on it! Additionally, the action is unstoppable and that might be against you. So always be in control.

Bankroll management

We have already made a reference for that, but bankroll management always is of great essence on gambling. Never go all in and try to stay in the game as much as you can. Set a maximum amount of losses that you can handle and never exceed that. Do the same on the winnings, as well, set a limit and never try to go over it, since it is very possible to fail. As we foretold, always bear in mind when you bet that the more are the numbers you choose, the more your possibilities to win are getting reduced.


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