Roulette basic strategy

If there is a casino game that has the right to claim the title of the “King of games”, that is for sure the majestic and intriguing roulette. The spinning wheel, the sound of the white ball rolling around it before it sits on the winning number and of course the fact that is a glamorous casino hit, it has made it the most popular – by far – in the world of gambling. Most people believe that it is impossible to win when you play roulette, but is this the case? It is a fact that the house edge is not easy to be beaten, but on the other hand, there are some rules, which should you follow them, you can leave the land based or the internet casino with some serious winnings in your pocket.

The basic steps

There are three steps you should follow first, if you want to begin with the best possible conditions. First of all, if you have to choose among the three roulette variations (French, American, European), always go for the European. The rules are more beneficial for the player, while the house edge is lower. And the reason is quite simple. The American version has the additional double zero (00). That means that the house edge will reach a poor 94.74% instead of the 97.3% payout the European Roulette has. Along with the rules “En prison” and “La partage”, the edge reaches an extra low 98.65%!

If the casino of your choice is an online one, always put your money on a Live Casino roulette game, instead of the Random Number Generator versions. Finally, always choose the strategy that suits your budget and of course, never exceed this amount you have set for your play session. Should you follow those steps, you have made the best possible beginning towards greatness…

Strategy for rookies

For all the beginners, there is a massive way to begin their betting action in roulette. Choose an online casino offering many different live roulette tables and wait for the moment a great spree will occur, e.g 7 reds in a row. Then you bet on the opposite, meaning that you will put your money on black and for every time you lose, you double down your bet on the same choice (black). This is a small Martingale version and you may take advantage of that.

The advanced ones

We told you about a version of the Martingale system, but let’s talk about the real deal. There are five different strategies a player can follow in order to get some serious winnings, which all apply on 50-50 bets, like black or red, odds or even and 1-18 or 19-36.

Martingale Strategy

In this method you double down your initial bet after you take a loss. And you continue, until you win. When you do so, you return to your minimum bet and by that way, you cover all the previous losses, also having a significant profit. This will apply better to 50-50 bets, like black or red, odds or even etc.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

The name tells it all… We are talking about the opposite of the Martingale system, In this method, you try to capitalize on your great streaks and contain the losses on the bad ones, since you increase your bets when you win and lower them when you lose. Needless to say that in both cases you should have a significant budget.

The D’Alembert Strategy

This method is somehow safer than the previous two and the best possible alternative choice. In this case you increase your bets by one when you lose and decrease it by one when you win. With this one, a smaller budget will last longer and you will also have the chance to grab some satisfying winnings.

The Fibonacci strategy

Created by one of the most famous Italian mathematicians bask in the 1200’s, it is based on a series of number that is called the “Fibonacci sequence”. In this method you add the last two bets and the sum of them will be your next amount you will bet on your choice. Even if you lose more times than you win, you can still have a great profit.

The James Bond Strategy

As you might have understood, this method was created from Ian Fleming, the writer created the James Bond character. In this case make sure that you have a proper budget, since you will have to place an amount of €140 on 19-36 (or 1-18), €50 on 13-18 (or 19-24), plus €10 on 0 for insurance. If the remaining numbers are not the ones to occur (well, in this occasion you will have lost €200, which should be next recovered through Martingale), you will have a profit of €80-€160.


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